When it comes to reinvigorating an apartment with a remodel, the majority of people spend lots of hours contemplating things like changing the room layout or giving the house new paint. However, you can consider upgrading your kitchen cabinets to have soft close cabinets and drawers. Soft close is the newest feature that can be incorporated into the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen to let the cabinets to close smoothly and inaudibly. Once you close a cabinet that uses this feature, just before it shuts, the soft close mechanism is affected to close the cabinet until it completely shuts. The soft close mechanism is becoming more common in kitchens due to its numerous advantages. Clermont Kitchen & Bath is one of the best home remodeling companies in Orlando that can help you upgrade to soft close cabinets.


Prevents Slamming of Cabinets


The soft close feature helps in ensuring that the cabinet doors close inaudibly and smoothly. Apart from being an integral component in the cabinets, the soft close feature is also ideal for bathroom vanity drawers and cabinets since they tend to be small and light. Additionally, they are susceptible to slamming.


Helps to Put the Contents of the Cabinet Together


In most cases, slamming will un-organize the contents in the cabinet. Moreover, a hard close can lead to damage to the cabinets that house fragile belongings. On the other hand, the soft close plays a vital role in preventing quick and hard closes to keep your contents safe and organized.


Safe for Children


Since the soft close mechanism strives to close the kitchen cabinets doors and drawers smoothly and silently, it will prevent those tiny fingers from getting hurt. Additionally, this mechanism discourages exuberant kids from slamming doors and drawers shut.


Increases the Lifespan of the Cabinet


The work of the soft close mechanism is to ensure that doors and drawers are closed properly and this reduces the need for regular maintenance. Additionally, it exerts less stress on the cabinet door hinges, door and drawer stops and the drawer rails. This helps in extending the life of your soft close cabinets.


Bear in mind that the soft close mechanism is the best alternative to add some indulgence to your kitchen. They are always recommended due to their numerous benefits since they can be a beautiful selling feature in case you decide to sell your house.


Advantages of Soft Close Hinges


The main purpose of substituting the antique model of hinges with the soft close one is to enhance the health of your soft close cabinet. Whenever the cabinet door is slammed, its framework and hinges tend to absorb the force of the impact. Soft close hinges are designed to take in the force before it gets a chance to damage your cabinet reducing the lifespan of the drawer.


If you stay with people who tend to work odd hours, you possibly have hard the displeasure of a clumsily closed cabinet that sends a sleep-ruining shock wave of sound in the entire house. Or maybe you have been the cause of that displeasure. Upgrading to soft close hinges is the solution to this predicament as the slow contact speed will get rid of all the sound that is generated.


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