Clermont Kitchen & Bath in Clermont, FL offers a number of colors for their kitchen cabinets and the impact on your kitchen is unbelievable, so let us help you pick just the right color for your home. White kitchen cabinets tend to be our most popular, however, we do offer many other options for you to choose from if you decide it is the right fit.


Colors of Your Kitchen Cabinets to Set the Mood of Your Space


  • Buttery yellow: Bring instant warmth into your kitchen with this color. It blends wonderfully with stained wood and touches of fresh white.
  • Elegant in black: This never goes out of style. It is always sophisticated and empowering for any kitchen.
  • Bold red feeling: This is a very cheerful statement color and appealing to the eye.
  • Nature green: This is a soft shade that goes with everything. It makes for a casual, welcoming space that is well-balanced and compliments all decor throughout the space.
  • Creative muse blue: This color adds a touch of inspiration to calm the room and tie everything together for a completed look.
  • Shades of gray: Add a deep rich putty gray for a bold impact to combine the countertops and rest of the design.
  • White kitchen cabinets: Give your home a beachy feel to compliment an accent color on the walls and decor throughout the rest of the kitchen.


How Clermont Kitchen & Bath Can Help!


Picking a color for your kitchen cabinets may seem like a difficult task, but that is why you should ask Clermont Kitchen & Bath for advice. We have been designing kitchens for quite some time now and would like to guide you in the right direction. White kitchen cabinets are a popular choice but you can pick any color you would like. Know what you want and we can make it happen. No want is too big and we can work with anything you have in mind. Trust us to create the cabinets you have always wanted and make your kitchen look better than ever. The color of your kitchen sets the whole mood and design for the rest of the space. Let us help you choose wisely and make sure you pick the right colors for the style or your home.  


Your cabinets should stand out from everything else. They should be the first thing that catches the eye when guests walk into the kitchen, and you should be proud of that. Picking the right color for your kitchen cabinets is important and can set the mood for the entire design. Let us help you build the kitchen you have always wanted starting with your cabinets! It is possible to have the nicest kitchen you can imagine and we are here to create it for you.


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If you are ready to redesign your kitchen cabinets and choose a color that fits your vibe, you can try white kitchen cabinets or an assortment of other colors. Reach out to Clermont Kitchen and Bath or visit one of our three locations here in Florida, Clermont, Orlando, or The Villages. We will help you in every way we can to build your dream kitchen!