When you are selecting from different types of cabinet wood for your kitchen cabinets, Clermont Kitchen & Bath in Orlando, FL is here to help you decide on which is best for your home. There is a lot to choose from and know before making the right choice, and we are here to help.


The Best Types of Cabinet Wood


Choosing a style starts with picking the right grain. When you are choosing hardwood cabinets, that standard is very important. The unique beauty of each piece of wood is expressed through cabinetry and the finishing touches. As a result, you have to consider your grain and color options to add to the durability of your kitchen. You should also consider how the wooden cabinets fit into your kitchen design.


Common Natural Characteristics Found in Wooden Cabinets


Bird Pecks – small marks in the grain pattern caused by pecking birds.

Burl – a swirl or twist in the grain of wood that does not contain a knot.

Sound Knot – a knot solid across its face, which shows no indication of decay.

Unsound Knot – a circular area that once formed the base of a branch or twig and has a pith center.

Wormholes – holes in the wood ranging in size.

Sugar Tracks – yellowish to dark brownish streaks that run throughout part of the wood.  

Mineral Streaks – streaks of color ranging from olive to blackish-brown following a grain pattern.

Gum Streaks – mineral-like streaks of color naturally occurring only in cherry.

Heartwood – mature, darker woods.

Sapwood- lighter colored parts that grow from inside the bark to the heartwood.


A few of the most popular options for our kitchen cabinets are:



A rustic look that is unmarked piece of wood. The color ranges from a pale red to reddish brown. This is a softer wood than maple or cherry and offers a stable surface for finishes and stains.



This color ranges from a tan blonde to deep brown and darkens naturally as it ages, with blending hues from golden yellow to a deep red. Cherry adds an elegence look to any decor and can give history or forward fashion to any home design.



Choosing maple for your kitchen cabinets, is full of character, and works well with any style or finish. It ranges from a creamy white to a reddish brown and has a subtle grain pattern and smooth appearance to it. It may include a bird’s eye with mineral streaks in it as well.



Oak has a very strong, open-grain pattern to it with a salmon red almost a dark cinnamon color.  It may include wormholes, mineral deposits, knots and wild-grain patterns as well. Oak is a durable wood and suitable for a casual, or rustic look in your home.


Rift Oak

A different type of cabinet oak, is cut an angle to show the rings of the trees so that the grains are shown off. It makes it interesting to show off the flames, flakes, and rays of each piece. It’s a very artistic choice and can be applied to any kitchen design for a dramatically modern touch.


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