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How To Choose the Right Color


Choosing the right color for your bathroom cabinets can be a challenging prospect. There are a lot of choices to pick from. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. That is why we are here to help out. We have 8 tips that can help put your mind at ease and help you find the right color for your custom bathroom vanities.


Get Custom Bathroom Vanities Today With These Tips


1) The first thing to talk about is the paint colors. Some common choices are grey and brown. Brown has taken center stage for many years, but grey is starting to catch up. Grey has decided that it wants some of the attention too.


There are also less common colors such as green, silver, black, blue, red and white, and black and white. These are all going very strong, but you need to pick the right one for your space. Black will close the space and white will open it.


2) You need to consider the size of the room. Do you have a big room or a little one? Your custom bathroom vanities might make space feel smaller. You will need a light color to create more space, but not too light that it seems dull and boring.


3) Do you plan on selling your home at any time in the future? Your best bet is to stick with neutral colors, especially when it comes to the bathroom cabinets. You want something that will draw some appeal with your buyers.


4) You should consider contrasting your colors. Do you want to go with either dark brown or grey for the cabinets? You might want to use a light color to offset it. Contrasting the two will open up space and give the room more appeal.


5) Some clients like to play around with bold colors. They like to mix and match and really make a statement. We suggest not doing that in the bathroom. The one room you can consider mixing things up in is the kitchen. The bathroom should be subtle and classically modern.


6) Some clients like to stain the wood that is already there. Clients like to preserve the beauty and still have color. Staining the wood with your favorite color will kill two birds with one stone. You get your color and your preserve the wood that is already there.


7) Some of you may be looking to paint the wood of your bathroom cabinets with your favorite color. Do not forget to distress the finish. A distressed finish will reduce a lot of the maintenance you may deal with in the coming years.


8) You can try using two shades of one color. Some clients find the neutral colors too boring and the bold colors too overwhelming. You can use dark shades on the upper cabinets and light shades of the same color on the lower ones. That way you get the neutral quality and an extra element of color.


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