Clermont Kitchen & Bath in Clermont, FL offers a wide variety of kitchen countertops to choose from for you kitchen design. We offer discounts for seniors, military and police officers to thank them for the service they have given us. Check out these types of countertops trends below if you are considering remodeling your kitchen!


Types of Countertops for Your Kitchen


Your countertop is an essential part of your kitchen. It is where all the kitchen work, cooking, entertainment happens, and is the focus point of a kitchen renovation. It sets the tone for the style of any kitchen, which is why it’s essential what material, finish, and design you choose for you kitchen countertops.


Quartz Being Our Most Popular

Quartz is natural looking, very strong, durable, and good looking surface for countertop space. It is offered in many colors and styles and will hold up in your home for many years to come.


Thinner Countertops

Sleek modern designs have taken over in the last few years. This goes along with the neutral colors and backsplash look of keeping everything thin and sleek. A super slim countertop makes a kitchen feel trendy, cool and urban. This looks very bold and adds a stylish twist to your kitchen.


Countertops with Character

Add a pattern! This process will invoke the designer in you. Choosing the right set of interesting patterns to decorate your countertop slabs can be a highly rewarding venture. It will allow you to give your kitchen countertops a boost of creative personality, along with a “wow” feeling from the outcome.


Kitchen Sink Inside Your Countertop?

Maintenance is a breeze here. Everything is made out of the same material so your kitchen is one easy clean up. This works with any kitchen style and complements the rest of the kitchen very nicely. The possibilities are endless, it’s 2017!


Neutral Tones are the Norm

You are most likely to find soft grays, white, and beige tones in kitchens these days. The backsplash has become darker and countertops brighter with neutral colors. Making for a beautiful contrast. Large frame windows, skylights, and folding glass doors all bring in natural light which will also brighten up the kitchen as well. Neutral tones and natural light really helps open up the kitchen space and make it look and feel bigger than before.


Backsplash Tiles

With neutral tone kitchens, homeowners tend to have their backsplash stand out a bit more; sort of like an accent wall. Having a nice backsplash will help brighten up the kitchen and give it a pop of color.


Kitchen Countertops Installed by Clermont Kitchen & Bath


We are here to help our clients create the kitchen they have always wanted and are willing to do a free in home estimate before starting a design plan so we know what size space we are working with and can give choices based on their specific home. We offer installation for what we sell. If you need help putting in your new kitchen countertops, we are here to help you finish the job. The types of countertops we offer are endless and can it can be a lot to choose from, so let us help you make the right decision.


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