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Paint Cabinet Finishes


Paint affords you the opportunity to select from a wide array of colors. You are also not limited in the effects that you can acquire with paint as it can be made to look smooth and glossy or it can be sanded off, rubbed off, or even dented in order to make it look more distressed. However, you have to be aware that over time, hairline cracks can begin to appear at the joints of solid wood doors simply because the wood expands and contracts. It is possible to avoid this cracking by using paint on medium density fiberboard, as medium density fiberboard doesn’t move with humidity changes.




Stain adds color to the wood without covering up the actual wood grain. Many manufacturers will use different names for stain colors so that while one company may have an amber color, it may not look like another company’s amber color. The way to pick out the right stain would be to look at the tone of the stain you want. First, find the wood that you want for your kitchen cabinets then pick the stain with either a light, medium, or dark tone.

Stains, however, are not technically a finish. There are generally more steps after a stain to truly protect the wood. You can either use a finishing coat or you can opt for a glaze.




Glaze can be used by itself directly on your cabinets or it can be applied over a stain or paint and then wiped off. The glaze does the job of settling into the cabinet door’s corners and edges, where it defines its details and lends a beautiful patina. Glazes can even be tinted in order to give the cabinet a particular sheen. For instance, a white glaze against light woods can give the kitchen cabinets an aged feel.




Polyester is one of the more expensive options on the market. This is because it is one of the most durable and high quality finished. It allows all the pores of the wood to be filled more completely than paint which will give it a solid look and feel. However, in order to make this finish happen, the cabinet has to go through several steps of sanding and finishing as well as a number of curings and hand sandings with very fine abrasives.


Natural Wood


Do not confuse this for purchasing wood without a finish. Rather, the unfinished wood is preserved with a transparent topcoat. This is also done to protect the wood from dirt and grease.


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