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Popular Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Spring is the perfect time to update your kitchen countertops and add a pop of color to your kitchen style. We suggest sticking to colors within the whites and pale family. This will give your kitchen the home and warm feeling that everyone hopes to find. Take a look at some of these suggestions and let us know what you think would be a good fit for your home. With these colors of countertops we are guaranteed to find something that will look just right for your style.


White granite

All granite has veins of different colors within it, however every piece has its own touch to it. The freckles make it feel brighter and add the perfect spring feeling.



These popular kitchen countertop ideas come in a variety of gem like colors and do not require sealing. They have become a top choice and many clients enjoy the stone like look.


Another way to achieve the pattern and texture of stone is through concrete kitchen countertops with recycled glass remnants. Laminate patterns can give off the high end look of stone for your kitchen design as well.


Marble in a limestone light makes a great statement for your kitchen countertop ideas with a natural bamboo looking tone. This can bring warmth and coziness into your kitchen making sure the rest of your decor matches the countertop tones.


Clermont Kitchen & Bath Kitchen Countertops


When you are considering your kitchen countertop ideas, consulting with a professional is a good idea to make sure you hear all your options. We can show you everything we offer in our showroom and make sure we find just the right fit for your home. When looking to remodel your kitchen with popular spring colors, trust us to find the kitchen countertops that will match just right with your decor. It is important to discuss your wants and needs with our staff to make sure your get the countertops you want in your home. Let us help you decide on your kitchen design and finding just the right pieces for your kitchen.


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