Clermont Kitchens in Clermont, Florida is a premier kitchen remodeler supplying clients with unique small kitchen ideas. Perhaps, you are ready for a change and would like to update your small kitchen. Some find a small kitchen very convenient because items are close together. However, others find that living and cooking in such an extremely small kitchen is very frustrating and call in the kitchen remodeler.


Small Kitchen Ideas


The lack of storage space makes remodeling ideas difficult. Of course, storage is important along with places for appliances, cooking, and sitting areas. It’s easy to remodel your small kitchen and also increase the storage space with the following small kitchen ideas.


Enlarge The Space


Here is an idea: enlarge the kitchen space by opening up a wall. A really small kitchen seems overcrowded and causes feelings of claustrophobia. True, small kitchens cause that frightening boxed-in feeling that simply will not do. Remove a wall and open up the area, letting it flow into other rooms.


Bright White


Perhaps, the walls in the kitchen are painted dark or the walls are covered in a printed material that closes in the kitchen area and makes it feel very confining. Paint the walls and ceilings a bright white color to create the feeling of more space. Remove fluorescent lighting and add bright low hanging lights to open up the kitchen area.


Bright Backsplash


Are you utilizing the area behind the sink and under the cabinets. Add a backsplash in an eye-catching design to update the kitchen. For example, reflective tiles add a bit of pizzazz and make the room appear larger. Add under cabinet lights in bright LED lighting to open up the space even more.


Big Bold Windows


Remove the small claustrophobic windows or doors in the kitchen area. Add floor to ceiling windows to create the illusion of more space in the kitchen. The floor to ceiling windows invite the outside in and are very picturesque.


Kitchen Counter


Your kitchen table probably takes up an enormous amount of space in your small kitchen. Here is another easy idea: simply remove your kitchen table and add a kitchen counter to one of the walls in the kitchen. You might like to open up the wall to the dining area for an even more spacious and inviting idea. The counter could also do double duty, acting as a breakfast nook and an office nook.


Moving Counter


An island area in a small kitchen takes up a tremendous amount of space too. Of course, the island area is convenient for cooking preparation. However, it also makes the space feel confining. Remove the island counter and place a moving counter in the kitchen. A moving counter on wheels is a great convenience. Simply move it out of the area and store when not in use.


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The small kitchen ideas included here are simply a starting point for your next kitchen remodeler project. These easy design and remodeling ideas open up the kitchen space and help to create the illusion of more space. Contact Clermont Kitchen & Bath to get started today.