The quality of the granite countertops that you select is important. Clermont Kitchen & Bath in The Villages has kitchen countertops of all kinds, and we know how to distinguish the quality of a countertop. With granite, there are various grades that a consumer can look for to gauge how good the quality of the countertop is. However, it grows more complicated as you look more into it. That is why it can be important to get the help of a kitchen countertops expert. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at Clermont Kitchen & Bath today.


What are the Grades of Granite Countertops?


There are three different grades of granite countertops that essentially say what the quality of the countertops is. These can help you determine how much the countertops are reasonably worth and how much you should be paying for a particular countertop selection.


  •       Commercial Grade: Commercial grade granite is known for having soft minerals that are dispersed throughout the granite. This makes it easier to scratch and, as a result, it is weaker than higher grades. It also holds less color variation than you would find with higher quality cuts of granite.


  •       Mid Grade: This grade of granite often has clear colors and much more elaborate patterns than commercial grade, but it does not have the same unique qualities that you would find with higher end cuts.


  •       Highest Grade: This is the most expensive of the three, and it includes slabs of one-of-a-kind colors as well as vibrant, beautiful patterns that would be very difficult to find again.

The most important thing to remember about these grades, however, is that they are often not set in stone. That is, what is considered the highest grade for one distributor could be something different to another distributor. A high-end retailer could sell something that they consider to be commercial grade granite, which could be mid-grade granite for a lower end retailer. That is why it is so important also to consider who you are purchasing your granite from so that you get the best quality possible for your money.


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