Are you looking for a bathroom remodeler in the Orlando, FL area? Clermont Kitchen & Bath has a staff that is ready to take on your master bath remodel. Just let us know your design ideas and how we can help. As the new year approaches, It is time for an upgrade and something new in your home. We look forward to creating a new space for you and your family to enjoy!


Tips for a Master Bath Remodel


You want to make your bathroom not only increases in value, but is enjoyable at the sametime. During your remodel, you should want to grab the attention of anyone and everyone, but still want a design that increases your use of the space and its function. Make choices that are cost effective and that will be a great investment in the long run. Remember the following tips when hiring Clermont Kitchen & Bath for a bathroom remodeler to help with your master bath:


  1. Replace the flooring- Carpet and tile flooring offer two different types of looks but both are pretty outdated when it comes to bathroom decor. Hardwood flooring or large tile is more current.
  2. Soak in tub- add a unique custom finish to your home that matches the rest of your master bath remodel. Adding a spacious tub will change the mood of the space into one of relaxation.
  3. New lighting – Proper lighting is essential in any bathroom remodel. The right light fixtures draw your visitors attention and is a great wow factor for your bathroom design all together.
  4. Find the right faucet- even the perfect bathroom can be thrown off by the faucet. Choose a new one that fits your remodel design style and will stand out to anyone who walks into your home.
  5. An over all showering experience – make the experience enjoyable. A push and turn button operation for water temperature and flow rate control is essential. Pick a style you love for the design. The shower is a key asset to the bathroom, so make sure it is just right.   

Hire a Bathroom Remodeler from Clermont Kitchen & Bath to Help with Your Design!


If you are ready for a master bath remodel, Clermont Kitchen & Bath can help. We have dedicated staff who can turn your current bathroom into everything you have always wanted it to be. Tell us what you desire, and we will make it happen. It is possible to have the perfect bathroom and a space to get ready in the morning and unwind at the end of the day. Everyone has a design process and should follow the above steps to a master bath remodel. Let us show you the way and help create the space you have always dreamed about. We will come up with a design plan, put it into place and make sure it is perfect for your space. You will see that hiring Clermont Kitchen and Bath was the right move!


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Decide today and let Clermont Kitchen and Bath be your bathroom remodeler. We can come up with a plan for your master bath remodel and turn your bathroom into a space you never thought was possible. Trust us to take your wants and needs and put them into place where they belong in your home. We have three convenient locations all over Florida in Clermont, Orlando and The Villages. Let’s get started! Reach out to us today.