Clermont Kitchen & Bath in Clermont, FL can help with your kitchen remodel and find your kitchen countertops that are meant to be for your home. Together we can make your kitchen into a space for your family and friends to spend time together, cook meals and make memories. Your kitchen can become your favorite room your home if you give us the time to show you we have an experienced staff to handle your design project!


Kitchen Remodel for Your Countertops?


Picking the right kitchen countertops is the most important part of an overall look in your kitchen. Check out these three countertop trends that will make all the difference in your home!


Wood Block – they give a great farmhouse feel to your home and are extremely functional. The price can vary depending on the size your space and what kind you choose, but this is one of the most popular right now. They are in budget and customers who go with this look end up happy with how long lasting and user friendly this type of kitchen countertops are.


Natural Stone- such a trendy decor for 2017! If you are looking for a kitchen remodel with long-lasting material, this is the choice for you. There are many different kinds to choose from and we here at Clermont Kitchen & Bath are here to help you choose the best fit for your home. We inform you of the maintenance that comes with each type of stone and the price varies as well. You will know the right kind for you once we walk you through all the options.


Ceramic Tile – Bold colors are the way to go with this look. This is budget friendly and a good way to let your creativity shine! There are not many ways to bring colors into your kitchen, so if you are a colorful person, go with tile. It is a bold choice but if it makes you happy we suggest you give it a try.

Kitchen Countertops with Clermont Kitchen & Bath Designs


Your kitchen says a lot about the style of your home. There are many elements that work together to create a finished look. You have to consider the colors, finishes and materials you want to use for your kitchen remodel. With Clermont Kitchen & Bath we will make a design plan, help you develop the perfect ideas, and transform your kitchen countertops into something you did not believe was possible. Let us blow you away with our creative projects and design team!


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