Clermont Kitchen & Bath in The Villages, FL has kitchen island ideas for your home that you cannot pass up for your kitchen remodel. Kitchen cabinets are important to add to the design of your home. However, an island adds extra space to cook, relax and entertain guests in your home. Consider all your options for a kitchen remodel with us and let us know how we can help!


Kitchen Island Ideas from Clermont Kitchen & Bath


Having an island in your kitchen can open up your space and give you more room to entertain when guests come over. This is the perfect place for your kids to do their homework while you cook dinner or for your significant other to sit and talk to you about their day. It separates your kitchen space and allows for the room to feel more airy and free. It gives you more space to prep food, put plates away, do school projects, arts and crafts, sit and talk with family and friends–the possibilities of a kitchen island are endless because the space is so useful. Adding an island into your kitchen makes you rethink your appliances sometimes, which may seem expensive to some. However, when remodeling your kitchen, sometimes it makes sense to do it all at once and spend the money one time rather than breaking it up over a period of time.

Sometimes the choices are limited depending on your kitchen but if we work together, Clermont Kitchen & Bath can make sure your island aligns nicely with your kitchen cabinets and goes with the style of your kitchen.


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The kitchen island ideas are endless and you could spend so much time researching and trying to decide on the perfect fit for your home. You get to almost customize your kitchen island ideas with Clermont Kitchen & Bath. The measurements, what type of wood, stone or finish you would like to use or pick for our store, and where it goes in your kitchen. This is another reason why having a professional from Clermont Kitchen & Bath giving you advice on kitchen island ideas and kitchen cabinets is a good idea and the best way to get the job done. We want to help you find or design an island that is right for your home that will be useful and look perfect in your space. Visit our showroom to look at the options we offer and designs to pick from so we can start customizing your island kitchen ideas today! If you are unsure if an island is the right fit for your kitchen, let us help you decide with a free estimate and a professional’s tips to guide you in the right direction.


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