If your kitchen is ready for a kitchen remodeler to come in and give it a little attention, reach out to Clermont Kitchen & Bath in The Villages, FL to get the job done. Starting with a kitchen cabinet remodel is the way to go. It is one of the main focus points of your kitchen and a real eye catcher for everyone to see. Let us know what kind of style you are hoping for, and budget for us to work with and we will help you keep the cost down and turn your kitchen into everything you always wanted it to be.


Kitchen Cabinet Remodel


New cabinets can make up one third to one half of your total budget during a kitchen cabinet remodel. One thing to consider is maybe getting standard cabinets, ones that you can choose the size, color, and materials to go in your kitchen, but they are just not custom made. Sometimes even a combination of both works best to saving money. The most important thing is that you talk to a professional and get the kitchen remodeler to help you find the kitchen cabinets that look and fit best into your new kitchen design.




Tile or laminate are the best options for keeping costs down during a kitchen remodel and they will give your the closest look to something like concrete, granite or quartz countertops. Tile will allow you to add creativity to your countertops the way the pieces fit together and become focal points. Laminates are more of a sophisticated look, without the awful price tag. It also is a resistant to staining, scratching and chipping.




When it comes to flooring, it just goes along with the process. Any kitchen remodeler will tell you that when you are redoing your cabinets and countertops, it is a good idea to do the floors while you’re at it. You do not want to leave any project left undone. Having a nice floor ties the whole look together, let us help you decide between laminate or vinyl to get that wood floor look you are hoping to see.  


Know Your Limits


This is important when you are planning your remodel. To save money, we suggest adding onto you kitchen you already have or adjoining a room into part of the kitchen. At all costs you want to avoid moving any plumbing or electrical work because that can be the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel. Clermont Kitchen & Bath is here to help you work within your budget and create your dream kitchen all at the same time!


Contact Us


If you are ready for a kitchen remodeler to check out your home, contact Clermont Kitchen & Bath today. We can tell you more about kitchen cabinet remodel, the perfect countertops, and staying within your budget. Trust us to help you come up with the design you have been searching for. We have three convenient locations here in Florida, in The Villages, Clermont and Orlando. Stop by to discuss your project with us today.