When you are thinking about your kitchen cabinet design, Clermont Kitchen & Bath in Clermont, FL has a few things for you to consider before buying new kitchen cabinets for your home. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will make it possible to fit your style. Follow these tips and you will not be disappointed with the outcome of a professional’s help.


A Stock vs Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design


The first thing to decide is if you want stock kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen cabinets, or something in between. Knowing the price difference can help, how it will affect your lifestyle, and the needs you are looking for in your kitchen design.


Stock – These are readymade, sold in specific sizes and colors. This is the easiest and quickest way to remodel your kitchen.


Semi custom – These are custom size. You can add extra detail and the price is determined by what detail and colors you choose.


Custom – You build the cabinets you want from start to finish. This is the most expensive option and usually take weeks to months to complete.




Only you can decide on how much storage you need in your kitchen. Do you need more drawer space or cabinet space? Are you an organized person or have everything all over the place? Do you want your garbage and unpleasant things to be seen or hidden? The same thing should be considered with appliances: should they be built into the design or left out in the open? These are all questions you and your family need to ask yourself when it comes time to come up with kitchen cabinet design ideas for your new kitchen cabinets. Make sure you get enough storage one way or another, though, so that you do not have to revisit the idea down the line.


Door Style


There are many options to fit everyone’s taste, such as modern, classic, or something else. It also depends on if you choose to go with stock or custom cabinets. When making this decision, you want to make sure it flows with the rest of your kitchen design.




The color/finish you choose will reflect your personal style. There are many to choose from: such as solid wood, laminate, paint and others too. With other factors to consider, like the floors and countertops, the color will play a role to tie the room together. Our experts will suggests colors for you if you should find yourself unsure on this topic.




No matter which kitchen cabinets you choose, the hardware will tie it all together and give it the look you are hoping for. Pull knobs are always a popular choice in the kitchen, and they are easy to clean as well.


Contact Us

If you are in need of advice for a kitchen cabinet design, reach out to Clermont Kitchen & Bath today. We have three convenient locations here in Florida in Clermont, Orlando, and The Villages. We can guarantee that one of our specialist will be able to help you pull together an idea for your kitchen cabinets that you have been waiting so long to find.