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Bathroom Remodeler Advice


Remodeling any room in your home is a big investment. You have to be sure you are working with the right company and asking all the right questions before signing on the dotted line and agreeing to let someone redesign your home. Knowing what to expect before the project gets started will better prepare yourself for the process. Kitchen and bath remodeling can run very smoothly with Clermont Kitchen & Bath if you just let us know what you want ahead of time.


Here are a few questions to ask your bathroom remodeler during your initial meeting.


What is our schedule, who will be here everyday?

Having a schedule is more than a start and end date, it is everything in between. The big picture comes with deadlines along the way and gives us both benchmark dates to follow and makes for small projects easier to get down while bigger projects are being completed. People will be coming and going depending on our benchmark dates and what needs to be done and when. It all matters and if we work together everything can get done sooner. If we’re all on the same page, we can not be on each other’s toes and make sure everything gets done on time. It makes the whole process much easier.


How will you protect my property?

This is a conversation you should have before starting your remodeling process. Making sure all your personal items are taken care of and out of the way of the construction process is the best way to avoid losing anything important to you.


How will you let me know about decisions that need to be made?

There are many ways to organize a list of decisions, but all of them have the same outcome. Most of the time, people will change their mind or want to move things around once projects get started as well. This is normal construction business. Remodelers are used to changing minds and plans moving around just a bit. They only thing to be careful of is the deadline to be sure the price does not change.


How do you keep in touch about availability?

Being able to get in touch with your bathroom remodeler from Clermont Kitchen & Bath is just as important as your remodeler being able to reach you. Communication is key throughout the entire remodeling process.


What is the wrap up process?

When the project is complete and we clean up everything you will just have a few documents to sign, then we will go our separate ways and you will get to enjoy your new bathroom remodel!


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling at its Finest


Working with Clermont Kitchen & Bath, you will have the chance to hire a bathroom remodeler who will transform your bathroom into a space you never knew you wanted! It will look completely different and become a space you will want to spend all your free time.


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