One of the requests we have been hearing a lot about at Clermont Kitchen & Bath is for advice on whether a kitchen island with seating is a good idea. As a top kitchen remodeler in Clermont, FL we can tell you that this is definitely a popular topic this year and we have some great advice that we would like to share with you to help you make the most of your indoor or outdoor kitchen. Feel free to view our before and after gallery to see just some of our kitchen island designs.

Is a Kitchen Island With Seating a Good Idea?


The answer is a resounding, yes! Although every space is different, in general, the trend towards entertaining in the kitchen without the need for a formal dining room has grown in popularity over the past few years in particular.


By designing a kitchen island that can accommodate guests, homeowners have commented that communication increases and time is saved when entertaining.


The latest trend is for kitchen islands that integrate lazy susans, are minimal in design to allow for the most ease in communication and even include foot stands for extra comfort when seated around the island.


Not Sure If You Have Enough Space In Your Kitchen?


We have worked with all sizes and types of spaces in our more than 35 years as a kitchen remodeler. No matter how small or large your kitchen, we have been able to successfully integrate a kitchen island with seating in 99% of the spaces we have been requested to work with.


The beauty of working with our team of professionals is that they understand the structural components of a space and can easily find ideas for how to open up a space or to utilize an area in innovative and unique ways.


Island Seating vs a Traditional Island


A kitchen island that includes seating will prompt more opportunities for engaging with family and friends during the cooking process. Where the kitchen was once solely for a cook or two per household, now children, friends and family are welcome to sit down and keep the chef company in the kitchen.


Compared to traditional islands, an island with seating allows for a customized look. A remodeler can create the island keeping the height of your family in mind, using the colors that match your kitchen and can include customized features such as bag hooks, foot rests, and even custom chairs to complete the look.


Including seating also turns the traditional use for food prep to expand into an area to now serve and enjoy the food immediately after it has been cooked. In just a couple steps you can transfer the dinner to the “table” and eat without traveling to another room.


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