When it comes to choosing bathroom tiles for your bathroom remodel, Clermont Kitchen & Bath in Clermont, FL is the bathroom remodeler you can trust. The tiles you choose for your bathroom greatly impact the longevity of your space as well as its aesthetic. For help choosing the tile that will both stand the test of time and help cultivate the ideal look for your bathroom, don’t hesitate to reach out to Clermont Kitchen & Bath.


Which Bathroom Tiles Should You Choose?


Any bathroom remodeler will claim to know the best choice of bathroom tiles for your bathroom, but Clermont Kitchen & Bath is here to debunk any misconceptions you may have when it comes to deciding which flooring is best for your space.


When deciding which tile choice is best, one generally must choose between natural stone tile and ceramic or porcelain. While there are benefits to each of these types of tile, it is important to decide which tile is best for your specific space. The master bath will typically get more use and must have better water absorbency than a guest bathroom, which may more easily rely on aesthetics as it will typically get less use.


1. Large Tiles For Aesthetics



It’s generally accepted that larger format tiles are more visually pleasing, for both walls and floors. This style of tile is exceptionally useful for smaller bathrooms, as the larger style of tile is able to create the illusion of a larger, more open space.


2. Hexagonal Tile Can Provide a Unique Look for Your Flooring


Also along the line of design, feel free to choose a tile that does not conform to the usual square or rectangular selection you may typically see. Hexagonal tile is most likely available in the material of your choice, whether that be wood, concrete, or porcelain. Add hexagonal tiles to your bathroom for a more modern look!


3. Wood Planks Can Add a Rustic Look


While when choosing between tile options for your bathroom you’ll typically be faced with choosing between ceramic or porcelain tiles, remember that wood tiles are also an option. Wood tiles look great in any bathroom and can work for many looks, ranging from rustic to more traditional.


4. Porcelain Tiles


Porcelain tiles are one of the most popular tile choices. If one is working with a smaller bathroom, porcelain tiles ensure your bathroom tile will have a low water absorption rate. This is important for your bathroom, and can save you from a lot of hassle further down the line. Porcelain tiles also have the added bonus of essentially taking care of themselves, drastically cutting down any time you may spend cleaning them otherwise, as opposed to tiles made from natural stone.


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If you find yourself faced with the choice of which tile to choose when conducting your bathroom remodel, be sure to get the opinion of experts. Reach out to the bathroom remodeler Clermont trusts, Clermont Kitchen & Bath to be sure you’re choosing the type of tile that works best for your bathroom.