You do not have to break the bank to redo your kitchen countertops. Clermont Kitchen & Bath in Clermont can help you select cheap countertops that will still fit with your kitchen style. Cheap countertops do not necessarily have to be the lowest quality countertops, and there are ways for you to still get something beautiful that will last you for many years without having to pay the price that you would normally pay for something like granite. If you are interested in learning more about our services as a kitchen remodeler, contact us at Clermont Kitchen & Bath today.

Cheap Countertops You Can Afford

There are several options that you can select from if you would like to save money.

  •       Laminate Countertops: These are the most affordable of all the options. They are made of plastic that is then bonded to particleboard which then forms a solid surface. They are lightweight, and you can even opt for selections that mimic the look of granite, marble, or butcher block.


  •       Tile Countertops: Depending on the type of tile that you choose, tile can be very affordable. Tile is also easy to clean, heat-resistant as well as stain-resistant, and incredibly durable. If you do happen to chip or crack a tile, they can be easy to replace.


  •       Butcher Block: This is a classic type of countertop that can cost less than granite, given the right selection. They are, however, the most high-maintenance of all the low-cost options. This is because butcher block is not heat-resistant nor is it able to stand dryness without cracking.


  •       Solid Surfacing: These are usually made from acrylic and polyester, and they are popular because they require very little to no maintenance and any scratches or stains that do occur can simply be sanded out.


Are You Looking for a Kitchen Remodeler?

Kitchen remodeling is not something that you should attempt on your own. There is far too much that can go wrong and you may end up choosing something that you thought would be good quality for the price but is actually an inferior substitute. That is where we can come in. We can make sure that you select one that is right for you and your budget while still giving you the best quality possible. Are you interested in learning more about our services? If so, contact us today.

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Clermont Kitchen & Bath is a kitchen remodeler that is located in Clermont. We specialize in customizing remodels to suit all budgets. This comes from a place of understanding for our customers; we know not all of those who are seeking new countertops are going to have the budget to go all out and we understand that. We offer a variety of options for all budgets, and we make sure that our lower-end options are all good quality and have a number of colors available. If you are interested in learning more about the products that we offer, contact us at Clermont Kitchen & Bath.