If you are looking to set up a completely new kitchen or renovating your old one the first thing you need is cabinet hardware including hinges, pulls, and knobs. Budget is the first thing that comes to mind doesn’t it! At Clermont Kitchen & Bath you can find a wide array of cabinet hinges that suits your personal style and your budget.


Things to Consider When Getting the Right Cabinet Hardware


An affordable way of renovating your old kitchen into a sleek modern and stylish one is to get knobs and handles of different styles and finishes.  Whenever you are choosing a hinge for your kitchen cabinets the vast number of choices may seem overwhelming at first and some of them might not suit your style of a kitchen cabinet.

Here are some key points to note when you are shopping for a new hardware for your cabinet:


The Door Style


Take a look at the door style of the cabinet you want, you can pick any design you like! The doors come in different materials so choose a cabinet door that’s long-lasting.


The Storage Capacity


If you pick a cabinet that’s stylish and attractive but it does not have enough space, then we suggest you consider the storage capacity before you invest in a small cabinet.


The Price of the Cabinet and Other Hardware


You should consider price as an important factor when it comes to buying hardware for kitchen cabinets. The price determines the quality of the material among other things. A lower price might seem that you are compromising on the quality.

Now that we have highlighted a few important considerations, let’s take a brief look at different types of hinges for your cabinet.

Some of the most basic hinge types are as follows:


The Strap Hinges


These hinges are available in different styles and designs. Depending on your style preference you can choose the ones that mount outside of the door. These hinges can range from six inches to 30 inches depending on the cabinet door. You can use the strap hinges to decorate your doors and other furniture.


Full and Partial Wrap Hinges


If you are looking for kitchen cabinet hinges that are strong, sturdy, and adjustable then you should choose full and partial wrap hinges. Now you don’t need to drill holes onto your cabinet, these hinges are easy to install. All you need to do is to screw the hinges into the door and the frame. These hinges are one of the best choices for you because they attach to the frame and wraps, partially, directly or around the edge of the frame.


H and HL Hinges


As obvious from their names, these hinges are available in different forms, and styles. You can install them on the surface of the kitchen cabinets. H and HL hinges are non-adjustable hinges but they are perfect for getting a strong hinge for your new cabinet.


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