Clermont Kitchen & Bath can help you decide between modern or contemporary designs for your bathroom cabinets. Your bathroom cabinets play an important role in keeping things organized, so let us help you design them just right for your home, something your whole family can enjoy.


Modern Bathroom Cabinets


Make sure to utilize different sized shapes and patterns, clean lines, minimal colors, and furniture in your modern style bathroom. Less is more when picking pieces for your modern design. Make sure that you are keeping an open space free of clutter, which gives you a good reason to bring cabinets into your bathroom design. Your bathroom cabinets help create your sanctuary of cleanliness and comfort as a place for your whole family to enjoy, so a bathroom should be your refreshing place of relaxation. Clermont Kitchen & Bath can help design the perfect bathroom cabinets to fit your style in no time. We can see your space, pick colors, and work with you to create the right place for you and your family to get ready every day and relax after a long day. It will have everything you want and more.


Contemporary Bathroom Cabinets


Elegant spaces with clean lines, geometric patterns, and flowing curves and hard angles make a contemporary bathroom design work in any size bathroom. These designs can include double sinks and a cabinet combination as a filler for a larger bathroom space while maintaining an efficient, updated look. In a smaller space, maybe a pedestal sink with a wide range of materials, from glass to stainless steel, even copper, can work exceedingly well with contemporary bathroom cabinets design. Bring the outdoors inside by adding a plant or two into your bathroom to give it a relaxing feeling.


Both modern and contemporary bathroom cabinets are nice and can be made with the help from Clermont Kitchen & Bath.  Our designers are here to create a space you love and make it personal for your style, meeting all your wants and needs. Let us know what you want your bathroom cabinets to look like and what type of design you are looking for and together we can make it happen. Customize your bathroom cabinets to meet your own personal needs. We can create drawers for any type of specific wants or needs you may have. Floating shelves can show off some colorful towels or bathroom products. They look nice and are made for decor as well. Everyone needs storage space in their bathroom. It is just a matter of how they would like to display their items. That is why it is nice to have a professional from Clermont Kitchen & Bath to help you decide if you are unsure. This way you will have the best bathroom design and one you can call your own with custom bathroom cabinets.


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