Need inspiration for backsplash ideas? Allow a talented bathroom remodeler from Clermont Kitchen & Bath in Orlando, FL to share a few design tips to help make your bathroom look uniquely “you”. In a world where we are constantly being given visual stimuli, it can be difficult to make sense of it all and translate who you are into your home. With the following list of materials and colors, you are sure to find something to get you started. Make sure to call one of our bathroom designers today so that he/she can help you find the perfect materials for your remodel and to stay within budget.


2018 Backsplash Ideas that Are Sure to Inspire


Backsplashes not only give an added layer of protection to the walls but they also showcase your personal style. While there are a myriad of styles to choose from, here are a few of our favorite materials/ideas for your bathroom remodel:


Use Patterns

Patterned tiles are a great way to add interest and are quite affordable. Whether you enjoy flowers, nautical themes, monograms or etc., you can find a pattern that suits your vision with our wide array of patterned tiles in our inventory.


Wood Plank Walls


Wood planks are becoming more and more popular in bathroom designs as they add an element of the outdoors and bring it inside. The natural pattern in wood creates a rustic and beautiful setting. Painted wood planks can add a more contemporary twist if you prefer a more updated look.


Penny Tile


While traditionally used in bathroom floors, bathroom designers have taken this aesthetic and brought up onto the walls as one of this years newest backsplash ideas. The penny tiles add texture and interest into a wall that would otherwise be plain.


Mixed Materials


Mixing natural materials with unexpected ones such as bottle caps is a new craze that is gaining momentum. Place wood planks horizontally along one wall and outline it in another contrasting material. This tactic is sure to prompt a conversation.


Oversized Tile


At Clermont Kitchen & Bath our bathroom remodeler is loving the use of oversized tiles in the latest designs. Add a bold look to your bathroom with this design concept.


Contrasting Colors


The use of contrasting colors has long been a strong method of creating beauty and strength in a design. Pair white cabinets and countertops with a rich black mosaic tile display on the wall.


Global Inspired


Create patterns and shapes with the placement of your tile to reference well-known landmarks from around the globe. This is a fun and creative way to give your bathroom a theme in an unexpected way.


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