When you are dreaming of bathroom designs with your bathroom remodeler in The Villages, FL, often times the topic of timeframe will come up. Clermont Kitchen & Bath is strict about completing your project on time. Because of this focus, our company has fine-tuned the remodeling process to ensure that along all of the important steps in the project (from ordering to installation), every action is taken to prevent issues before they occur and ensure amazing service.


5 Ways We Complete Bathroom Designs On Time


1. HUGE Inventory


Over the course of almost 4 decades, Clermont Kitchen & Bath has developed relationships with some of the best vendors in the business. These relationships have opened the door of opportunity for us to be able to receive larger quantities of products and to be among the first to offer the latest designs.


Once plans for your remodel have been finalized, there is no lag time. Our large warehouse stores a very large inventory of items, meaning that there is no lag time between waiting for products to arrive to us. This alone saves quite a bit of time for our customers!


2. Guaranteed To Be In Stock


Many a bathroom remodeler has felt the anguish of having to wait for a product to arrive in their inventory because the cabinet or countertop the client desires was not in stock. At Clermont Kitchen & Bath in the Villages, FL we never want others to have to deal with this headache. We guarantee that all of the items we offer will be in stock at all times.

3. 1 Day Delivery

Need we say more? Because of the fact that we carry all of the items one could ever desire in our facility, clients can jump for joy when they experience our one day shipping of goods. Order today and you can expect to receive the items in your home or office the next day.

4. 3-7 Day Installation Period


If the three items above weren’t reason enough to choose us, our 3-7 day installation period has gained us much fame in the area. Homeowners often hear about horror stories where their installer took weeks if not months to finish a job. With a bathroom remodeler from Clermont Kitchen & Bath,  you can feel confident that your remodeling project will be installed in a timely manner.

5. In House Professionals


With over 35 years of experience, our in house team of professionals know what to do. They can install any cabinet, countertop, flooring products and more with precision and mastery. Our team is highly skilled and knows how to get the job done right the first time. We take pride in the efficiency and mastery that our remodelers deliver, and our customers are raving fans too!


Contact Us Today!

Contact a bathroom remodeler from Clermont Kitchens today! The process of making your bathroom designs a reality is only a call away. Let our highly experienced team and highly efficient process save you time money and stress. We can help you remodel your home or office bathroom in record time and with extreme precision and care. Visit our location in the Villages or any other of our locations across Florida.