When you are thinking about your bathroom remodel cost, here are the things you must get done first. Your bathroom remodeler from Clermont Kitchen & Bath in The Villages, FL will tell you not to skimp on these specific things because they complete the look of your new bathroom design. Let us help you find everything you want and make your dream bathroom come true.


Bathroom Remodel Cost Must-Haves  


Double Sinks  


These offer maximum functionality and convenience for the bathroom. Double sinks are a must-have in any master bathroom. The sleek, clean contemporary style is fashionable for any home, and if you ask any bathroom remodeler they will let you know they are trending.


Floating Vanities


A floating vanity is one of the number one trends right now for most remodels. If you want a cutting edge design for your bathroom remodel, you should consider a floating vanity. A normal vanity is cool, but it has ran its course. Floating is stylish and what most clients seem to be after for their bathroom look.


Waterfall Showers


There is nothing like a perfect and invigorating shower to start off your day. A waterfall shower head is a heavenly life experience every morning. Your water pressure will be stronger than ever before, and this is an upgrade you need to have.


Frameless Glass Shower Doors


This is a hot new trend that will most definitely spice up your bathroom remodel. The frameless shower doors open up your bathroom and show off your beautiful tile work. You may worry this will add to the bathroom remodel cost, however, it is just one of those things you might as well get while you are already remodeling.


Built in Soap Holders


Now this may seem like a little addition, however, it makes a difference. Any bathroom remodeler will tell you that clients want it more often than not. Having a place for your soap keeps your shower clean and makes it easy to find for those early mornings or late nights when you are reaching around for the soap with your eyes closed.

Hire a Bathroom Remodeler From Clermont Kitchen & Bath


Our staff works hard to help you find all the things you want most in your bathroom remodel. When you work with a bathroom remodeler you will notice how much easier it is to tell someone about the things you want and for them to find them and put them in for you. When someone seeks help for a remodel they usually have an idea in their head and then combine ideas to form the perfect bathroom based off their own ideas with the help of a professional’s advice.


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