Bathrooms don’t get the attention they deserve. Unless the drain is backing up or the toilet is overflowing, people may not think about updating the space. In fact, your bathroom could need the services of a bathroom remodeler right this minute. Here are five signs that it’s time to talk with a professional from the Clermont Kitchen & Bath Design Center in Clermont for your bathroom remodel.


Inadequate Storage


Storing spare bathroom supplies in the hall closet can easily get old. It would be nice to have enough storage space in the bathroom, for everything from cleaning supplies, to extra soap and toilet paper. Is it is, your cabinetry might not hold everything you’d like to keep close at hand. Many experts in bathroom renovations can come up with plans that convert what is essentially wasted space into functional storage areas.


The Color Scheme


Do you feel as though you go back in time whenever you step into your bathroom? At one point, older colors used for the tiles, toilet, sink, and bathtub may have been kind of fun. Now they may just look dated and perhaps a little worn. Now is a great time to talk with a bathroom remodeler about ripping out the tile and investing in new fixtures. Along with looking more contemporary, the changes will also make the space seem fresher.


The Layout


You may have always suspected that your bathroom would look better and be more functional if the shower stall was in the opposite corner and the lavatory was not quite so close to the toilet. If that’s the case, gutting the bathroom and rearranging the major elements of the space might make a huge difference. With the right approach to bathroom renovations, you can finally have everything exactly where you would like it to be.


Poor Lighting


Your bathroom may have been designed in the days when one light over the sink and one in the middle of the ceiling was considered enough. While you may manage to get by, it may take some effort. If you choose to hire a bathroom remodeler to renovate the space, it will be easy to add more lighting fixtures in the right places. That same remodeler can also add a couple of extra outlets if you like.


Repairs Are on the Rise


If you can recognize your bathroom in any of the scenarios described above, something may need to be done with your bathroom soon. You may also be seeing an increase in how often you need to call someone to repair or replace a fixture, unclog a drain, or deal with some other issue. It will only be after you sit down and total the cost of all those service calls that you realize how much money you are spending and not seeing much of an improvement.


Stop allowing your bathroom to drain your finances and instead have an expert renovate the space. In the long run, those changes will reduce the frequency of repairs and save quite a bit of money.


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