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2018 Kitchen Trends for Cabinets


Color trends for cabinets are changing in 2018. This year, white cabinets are expected to be big, as they prove useful in visually decluttering otherwise busy kitchen areas. While white remains big, varying finishes and complimentary colors for accompanying kitchen islands will also remain in the spotlight. Similarly, grey cabinets will remain a popular trend in 2018 due to their neutral versatility.


In contrast, darker kitchen cabinets are expected to rise in popularity throughout 2018. Your kitchen remodeler may typically stay away from darker cabinets, are their bold statements easily overpower a room when not utilized artfully. Expect homeowners to explore this trend more throughout the year.


Modern Trends Are Set to Overtake the Rustic


While the simplicity and warmth of rustic design trends guarantee they will remain around for long to come, 2018 will see an uptick in more modern, streamlined kitchen design ideas. Simple design and trends will overtake those that are more complex and busy.


These trends aim to open spaces and allow them to be more easily utilized. For instance, upper kitchen cabinets are being removed in favor of more easily accessible cabinetry. Essentially, any design element that provides more fashion than function is less likely to make an appearance in these designs. Incorporating natural stone is one way to see this happen, along with utilizing other interesting textures.


Similarly, storage trends will continue to move downward and expand into more easily effective, compound storage solutions. While outwardly minimal, unfolding and hidden storage compartments will see a rise in popularity.


Countertops Are All About Quartz


As quartz remains a worthwhile investment in terms of kitchen countertops. As designers catch on to the additional maintenance required from granite countertops, the durability of quartz begins to outweigh its costly nature.


Similar to cabinets, neutral colors are set to be popular for countertops in 2018. Creamy whites, greys, and neutrals will overtake their predecessors. Additionally, these colors will be popular in regards to matching composite sinks.


As neutrals are set to infiltrate the overall trends of kitchen design in 2018, their overall design and maintenance will become more streamlined. Say goodbye to unutilized space and say hello instead to appliance compartments, spice drawers, caddies for pots and pans, and more in this upcoming storage revolution.


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